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Kathrin S.

For our entire 13 year marriage I watched my darling husband battle MEN1. He found out he had a brain tumor when he was 20. He lost his mother in his 20s. As others in the family had endocrine problems the illness got a name. When we got married I knew he had health issues but l had no idea the struggles we would face. When someone has a serious illness, the whole family has it. We went to all the appointments and through all the tests and surgeries as a team. We could not have children but that was ok, I brought one to the marriage and then later we got motorcycles. Then we ended up with 3 children from his niece, two of which have the gene. I have learned so much about the endocrine system and MEN that often I know more than some of the specialists we’ve seen.

Ron lost his niece and my kids lost their mom around a year ago. November 11, 2015 my love lost his battle with MEN1 at 51 years old. This disease destroyed his body. He had all 3 P’s plus. Now I am alone and my heart: broken.